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Sittles Flying Club was founded in 1993 by a group of like-minded aviation enthusiasts. It is home to around 20 aircraft including Microlights, Light Sport LAA/BMAA types, and 17 flying members.  We have various types of aircraft ranging from SSDR, flexwings to 200 mph hot ships. We even fly Model Aircraft ......ok most of them crash .. but one day.... maybe... they'll get the hang of it !


The airfield is at Sittles Farm situated 0.5 miles east of the A38 near Lichfield. Information for visiting pilots can be found on our PPR page. also see SKYDEMON


In 2007 we needed to move our runway across the road due to gravel excavation works.  The runway layouts like all airfields, exhibit certain peculiarities that we must all be aware of. See our PPR page for details.


3 axis Flying instruction/ revals for Microlights can be obtained from

Gareth Bustin FI 07510 275 654 .

Group "A" training/revals available from Chris Rowlands CRI 07986 270 129

Permit renewals/inspections Neil France 07879 457 621

Radio Calls : SITTLES TRAFFIC 129.830

No training takes place from Sittles airfield.

Sittles is an Unlicensed airfield. pics below fly uk 2016


to ALL visitors and NON members except for emergency/mil helicopters


We are now open Oct 2021 onwards for

PPR MANDATORY by phone (see contacts page) visitors on Sat & Sundays ONLY






low cost flying and hangarage in midlands

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