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Membership and Hangars.

Joining Sittles Flyers - New members welcome!


We are a small friendly flying club dedicated to low cost flying.  We only have permission for limited number of planes based on site.  However, we currently have a few places available.  


To become a flying member you will initially need to complete an aplication form and meet with one of our committee members to have provisional membership approved.  




Hanarage Info


Most hangar spaces at Sittles are owned by the member parking his/her plane there, but it is also possible to avoid the outlay of buying a hangar as there are also outside parking spaces available, and it may be possible to rent a space in a hangar depending on what is available (please contact TONY for details).



User Fees


FULL MEMBERS £ POA - paid in 2 installement  in April and October in advance. Fees period:


1st Nov-31st April  

1st May-31st Oct


No landing fees for Full members.+ (tea/coffee included )

Social Members Welcome

Come and Join In the Fun (Barbies/curry's/chilli's/ day outs /fly outs/or just chill out in our VIP lounge or decking area )


A one-off joining fee is required from new members to join the club. Please email us for latest joining fee information.


If you have a second plane (e.g. a small SSDR, or folding wing type) that doesn't take up a regular spot there is a reduced fee for the second plane.  Permission to have a second plane on site must be gained by the committee prior to bringing it on site.  Other rules relating to second planes apply, so please email us if you would like more details.


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low cost flying and hangarage in midlands


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